New Music Video 

Singularis - Victrix

February 12th 2019.

Second Song of the sixth Album redesigned with pulsation with music. all designed in Photoshop and aftereffects rendered in 1440P!

Featured on YouTube

New Website Sections - Xbox PC tools & UnleashX Skinning

February 12th 2019.

I started backing up my old programs I had for a while and used through the years. These are quite useful. Rename files that are longer than 21 characters because Xbox will not receive files through ftp otherwise. Some others like Action replay, XBE patcher for upgraded CPUs and Quix101 for ISO Conversion, FTP and extraction.

Tools here Skinning here

Recent News

New Music Video  - Infinite - Victrix

February 1st 2019.

I revisited my old music videos and noticed a huge disappointment but as well as a huge improvement on how far I have come with graphic development and music design. I'm currently taking a break with game development and sorting through files, backing things up and revamping this web site!

Unity Development - Treasure Quest

Jan 28th 2019.

Just got home from a weekend of game Jamming, Participated in this years Global Game Jam 2019. Though I didn't make a game during the 48 hour period but I did accomplish some work on my current project called Treasure Quest. It's a first person RPG adventure Game where you would explore dungeons littered with enemies and treasure, solving puzzles and finding equipment and items to aid you on your quest.

New HD UnleashX Theme! Xbox-HQ Special Edition

December 13th 2018.

As requested by the admin of the Xbox-HQ website, I had designed an amazing theme for the unleashX dashboard for the original Xbox. Unlike my other themes I used different layering methods in Photoshop and After Effects to have an underlying background glow through the theme overlay image.  I used Photoshop's 3D extrusion method to design the spiraling background and animated all the images to move/rotate with After effects  key framing. The Product was developed in only 4 days and turned out to be one of the best themes I've ever designed to date.

New HD UnleashX Theme! XCM Pure White Edition

December 7th 2018.

This is a theme dedicated to XCM's (Xbox Custom Mods) Pure white Shell. Designed and Inspired in pure black and white giving your Xbox a Spacey Sci-Fi Look with a Custom Boot Intro, Theme Music and Loading Screens.

Unity Development - Diety's Bane

October 4th 2018.

Huge Huge update on development of Deity's Bane, I now implemented MULTIPLAYER MODE 2 player, 3 player and 4 player split screens! I have also added new pick up items that re-spawn after being picked up, Health pickups 5, 25, and 100. Weapon pickups and ammo. Redesigned death match arena and all 4 Player Controls are now hooked up to work with Xbox Controllers and Keyboard/Mouse. I added hours and hours of programming in the last 3 Days! More to come. :D

Unity Development - Diety's Bane

September 24th 2018.

Full design concept of the main menu although not playable until I build more of the game. The videos playing are place holders which will likely be game play from the game showing the action of the match. when clicking begin will transition into a loading scene then open the main game after completed.

New HD UnleashX Theme! Axon Supernova

August 25th 2018.

Axon Supernova is officially finished. I found a new way to render the videos in higher quality without stutter in the audio. It looks amazing on HD or SD. Once again its completely compatible with any Xbox.

Unity Game Update - Treasure Quest

February 12th 2019.

Worked so hard on this like you wouldn't believe how hard it is to transition a ton of game objects and loading scenes and then figuring out how to reset everything you just did back to start. well I did it and it was the hardest thing I had to do. Earlier I made 5 more Icons with a total of 10. 4 of them are not yet implemented. but coming along nicely. I'm on my way of implementing saving and loading of your data. its about 80% finished. I've been working on more polish than development but I need the transitions and player states running before I move on to making more of the game.

Unity Game Update - Treasure Quest

February 12th 2019.

This is the heart and soul of the game and everything that makes the game function. This has been all of my "real" work, not just flashy images or animating 3D models. I've spent the last 6 weeks building these C# scripts and they're only in early development. There's still so much left of this game it's too much on my plate but I'm determined to work on it! The Player System is working with almost 4000 lines of code.

Last updated  February 5th 2019

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